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$275 for up to 15 children and 4 adults
Additional cost is $10 per child and $4 per adult
*Tax will be added to total party package price
Please see our Fall Rain Policy below

Each Party Package Includes:

A party tent reserved for 2 1/2 hours. The tent contains four, 6 foot picnic tables, and one 8 foot table at the back to use for your cake and presents.

Package 1 (Ages 2 to 7)
Wagon ride to the Pumpkin Patch
Small pumpkin for each child
Barrel Train ride for each child (7 and under)

Package 2 (Ages 2 to 9)
Wagon ride to the Pumpkin Patch/Maze Area
Small pumpkin for each child
3 Acre Small Maze with 15 kid friendly scarecrows to find along the way! (Takes 20 to 30 minutes to find them all)
Barrel Train ($4 per child add-on)*
*Must be done at the end of the party after leaving tent area

Optional Add-ons:

  • 30 minute extension to your party (option for afternoon time slots only): $25
  • Hot Dogs, bag of chips and juice box
  • Large Cheese Pizza
  • Large Pepperoni Pizza
    *If you would like to have hot dogs or pizza, you need to order it through us by the Wednesday before your party.

Indian Acres Tree Farm offers a unique atmosphere for birthday parties and family gatherings. All parties include the use of a tent for 2 1/2 hours, which can be extended to 3 hours at an additional charge for afternoon time slots. We have 3 packages to choose from depending on your childs age and interests. Be sure to check out our evening bonfire party package with a movie!

An assigned party coordinator will be in charge of your party. They will get you on the Barrel Train (if you booked that package) and then to the Wagon stop for your trip out back to our Pumpkin Patch/ Maze area, at the appropriate times. If you ordered pizza or hot dogs, they will bring the food to you once you arrive back up front. They will not be on the wagon or out back with you, but are here to help you with whatever you might need while in the front tent area.

The tent contains four picnic tables, and one long table to put presents and a cake. Only the long table has a table cloth. Feel free to bring additional decorations or games. But remember, our farm atmosphere encourages the kids to just run around and play, so extra activities planned by you are not necessary.

Info to help your party run smoothly

Tent set up time is only 15 minutes before the start time of your party.
Picnic tables do not have table cloths
Pizza must be ordered by Wednesday before your party date
Bring your own cake or cup cakes
We do not provide paper products
No electricity
No refrigeration
No alcoholic veverages allowed

No matter the party package you booked, it is important for your guests to arrive on time to be included in your party fun!

A big part of your party is going out on the wagon to the Patch/Maze area. If guests miss the wagon time, they will miss what the party is all about. Delaying for a late guest can effect timing of wagons for other parties following yours, and also effect your pizza/food time.No matter the party package you booked, it is important for your guests to arrive on time to be included in your party fun!

Fall Rain Policy

We require a non-refundable $100 deposit to reserve your party tent. In the event of rain, we can try to reschedule. We have extra tents that can be roped off that are usually occupied by the public. But due to your party guests' busy schedules, it is sometimes hard to change the date at the last minute. Therefore, most parties try to continue. We can put the pumpkins in your tent ahead of time so they will be dry. You can plan an activity of painting or putting stickers on the pumpkins (The supplies must be provided by you). A short version of our wagon ride may be possible if desired (wagons are not covered and do get wet). The maze may be too wet to use, so if the maze was a key part of your party, hopefully rescheduling can be done.

Lastly, if you can not reschedule your party and you have decided not to come, a refund of $75 (of your $100 deposit), will be sent to you by November 15th. But this is only if it is a complete washout during the time of your party, and you do not want to come or even to pickup $100 worth of pumpkins to have a party at your house. We only make a decision after the time of your party has passed. We can't make it too easy to back out of the party because the weather is so unpredictable. A lot of times it calls for rain and then it is clear for most of the day. Also, there have been parties here in the rain that the kids enjoy very much! So if you are too worried about bad weather, this is not the place to have a birthday party.